How To Market Your Product Using Short 15-Second Video On Instagram

Instagram is the rock star of mobile marketing. Why? That’s because more and more mobile users use Instagram on a daily basis. They interact with others, find new information, as well as upload their daily life activities using their simple Instagram app found on their smartphones and tablets.

This is great news for marketers. If you want to market your product, you can use Instagram to spread it around the mobile social media platform. Best of all, you can also use video on Instagram to market your product, though you need to limit the duration of your video for up to 15 seconds only.

But, it doesn’t matter. You can still use this short video as an effective mobile marketing tool to spread the word about your product and build a solid customer base. Here are some tips you can follow to market your product using short 15-second video on Instagram:

  1. Tell A Story

A story will connect your brand and your audience more easily. How many companies have successfully managed to get more customers using this strategy? The answer is that there are many of them. A company selling paint can create a story about a beautiful life with colorful home. You can also create your own story based on your product.

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  1. Show What Your Product Can Do

What can be done with your product? How can your product help your customers to live better life? You can also create a video based on the main benefits of your product. Of course, you have to ensure to focus on one big benefit that your customers can gain from using your product.

  1. Lovely Animation

Don’t forget to use lovely animation for your video. Why? That’s because lovely animation will make your video look more interesting to watch, as well as more catchy to remember. Always use lovely animation in one way or another, either when you present your brand or throughout your video presentation. Be sure to make your video look professional. You can use free online program such as to make animated videos.

  1. Catchy and Memorable Tune

Music is also an important component of your video promotion. It can either keep your audience or make them to leave your video. Good musical tune will help your video to grab attention from your audience. Remember that most people will skip video advertising, but some advertising videos are really enjoyable to watch. What’s their main attraction? It’s because of the music.

  1. Tell One Simple Idea

Don’t tell too many things in just one short 15-second video. Grab a simple idea that you want to share with your audience and focus on delivering that idea into their minds. Remember that simplicity has higher chance to make your promotion successful. People love simplicity, and they abhor complexity or something that is difficult to understand. So, make your message easy to understand.

If you want to successfully promote your product/service on Instagram using video, you should follow the tips above. These steps will not only get real instagram followers but will get make your content extremely viral. And don’t forget that consistency will always give you bigger chance in grabbing your audience’s attention, so don’t get tired in featuring your video in your Instagram page, at least for the next few months before you swap your video with a better one.