6 Deadly Mistakes That Will Make You Lose A Lot Of Followers On Twitter

Your Twitter followers will usually come and go every day. Today, you might lose 100 followers and gain 150 new followers, but tomorrow you may lose 200 followers and gain 50 new followers. But, losing or gaining new followers is not a big deal. What’s important is to stabilize the number of your followers, and ensure that it is always growing over time. And remember to avoid losing big number of followers from your account at any given time. Here are 6 deadly things that will make you lose a lot of followers on Twitter:

  1. You Are Focusing On Your Narcissism

You are very active on Twitter, but only that you are only tweeting about yourself. You just eat some steak, and you tweet about it, along with the photo of the steak that you eat. You just go to someplace, you tweet about it, along with the photo of yourself on the beach, on the mountain, and so on. But, you never tweet about something that brings inspiration to others. Unless you’re a celebrity, no one cares much about your daily life, except your family and some of your friends. So, don’t focus too much on yourself. Be more selfless on Twitter.

  1. You Are Not Establishing Conversation With Others

When people are trying to talk with you on Twitter, and you ignore them most of the time, there is a high chance that they will leave you. Why? Because you are not trying to establish good conversation with them, and this is bad for your reputation. If you are not giving enough attention to your Twitter audience, they will in turn not giving enough attention toward you. As a result, they will likely unfollow you.

  1. You Don’t Follow Back

Some people will immediately unfollow you if you don’t follow them back. This will not happen if you have a very popular brand on Twitter. But, most of the time, if you are still unknown to your audience, you should follow them back when they follow you. It will create a kind of bond between you and your followers. They won’t unfollow you as long as you’re still following them.

  1. You Don’t Tweet Often

Tweeting only takes about 10 seconds. Why don’t you tweet often? If you want your brand or business to exist on Twitter, be sure to keep tweeting. Your audience will not give you any attention if you never tweet anything. Let them know the latest update related to your product, or the latest news in your niche. And do this often. In this way, people will always expect your tweet and keep you with them.

  1. You Are Being Negative On Twitter

Negativity will always breed more negativity. Negativity repels people, especially your followers. If you are being negative on Twitter, you are not going to attract many followers. Most of your followers will leave you very quickly. Why? That’s because most people hate people who are negative—those who are arrogant and think that they are better than others. Always spread positive message on Twitter.

  1. You Are Spamming Your Followers

Don’t spam your followers with useless tweets. For instance, there are many automatic tweets being made to promote certain product or service. Don’t let this to happen on your Twitter account. Don’t spam your followers with automatic tweet that will only clutter your timeline. Be sure that your timeline is filled with high quality tweet that your followers will enjoy reading.

When you do those deadly things, it will be certain that you will lose most of your followers on Twitter very quickly. If you want to build a solid brand on Twitter, you should avoid doing those mistakes.